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First Generation

John Wegg was born before 1742, the first event for which there is a recorded date. He was buried on 22 December 1775.

John Wegg married Sarah Frost in Gresham, Norfolk, England on April 18, 1742. Sarah was buried on 20 March 1764

John Wegg and Sarah Frost had six children:

John Wegg married Rosamund Wilkins.

Second Generation

Thomas Wagg was born in Gresham, Norfolk, England on 14 December 1756, and died 19 September 1806.

Thomas Wagg married Mary Colman on 11 October 1786.

Thomas Wagg and Mary Colman had seven children:

Third Generation

John Wagg was born July 1, 1795 in Briningham, Norfolk, England and died 1 August 1864.

John Wagg married Mary Fisher at Stody, Norfolk, England on December 13, 1814

John Wagg and Mary Fisher had eight children. Four of their sons moved to Canada:

Fourth Generation

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Thomas Henry Wagg, Sr. was born in Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, on 14 February 1821, died November 1910.

Thomas Henry Wagg married Amarilla Johnson in Stouffville, York, Ontario, Canada on 30 September 1850, they moved to Michigan in 1885. They are buried in Croswell Cemetary at Deckerville, Sanilac County, MI.

Thomas Henry Wagg, Sr. and Amarilla Johnson had fourteen children.

Fifth Generation

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Thomas Henry Wagg, Jr. was born 28 November 1852 in Goodwood, Ontario and died 1 February 1935.

Thomas Henry Wagg, Jr. married Mary Stover on 30 December 1874 in Uxbridge (Goodwood), Ontario, Canada. Mary was born 6 October 1855 and died 8 April 1937.

Thomas Henry Wagg, Jr. and Mary Stover had the following children:

Sixth Generation

Nelson Wagg was born 5 May 1896 and died 11 November 1945

Nelson Wagg married Luella Pauline Layher on 8 April 1916. Luella was born 3 November 1896 and died November 1988.

Nelson Wagg and Luella Layher had four children:

Seventh Generation

Clarkston Wagg was born 6 December 1923.

Clarkston Wagg married Dorothy Eunice Knepper in Detroit, Michigan on 26 July 1947

Clarkston Wagg and Dorothy Eunice Knepper had two children:

Eighth Generation

Thomas Nelson Wagg was born 14 September 1953 in Detroit, Michigan.

Thomas Nelson Wagg married Janel Irene Bond in Birmingham, Michigan on 17 June 1977. Janel was born in Detroit, Michigan on 24 November 1953 and died 23 December 1993 in Palmdale, California.

Thomas Nelson Wagg and Janel Irene Bond had two children:

Thomas Nelson Wagg married Linda Anne Greene in Reno, Nevada on 23 June 1995. Linda was born 1 September 1960 in Framingham, Massachusetts..

Ninth Generation

Jeremy Thomas Wagg was born 27 March 1980 in Glendale, California.

Jeremy Thomas Wagg married LáCynda Mayree Butler in Santa Clarita, California on 12 August 2006. LáCynda was born in Eugene, Oregon on 31 December 1987.

Many thanks to the following individuals who have provided much helpful information in putting the pieces of the puzzle together (in alphabetical order):


Janet Bye of Rotherham, Yorkshire, England

Vivian Egan of Ingham, Queensland, Australia

Allan and Caroline McGillivray of Zephyr, Ontario, Canada

Susan Sorensen of Ontario, Canada

David Wagg of Clinton Township, Michigan, USA

Paul Wagg of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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